You know your stuff. Tell people—better. 

Our workshops are universally acclaimed, easy-to-understand, fun, and inspiring. You will start getting better right away.  

I thought the workshop content was fabulous and that your skill and enthusiasm in delivering it were incredible. You have a real gift.
— David Brook, Chief Strategy Officer, Grand Challenges Canada
The workshop was fun, informative, and relevant. I only wish we had a full day. People were highly engaged and had a lot of insights to share.
— Vicky Eatrides, Deputy Commissioner of Competition, Competition Bureau of Canada
Excellent. Really dynamic speaker.
— Osler LLP

You know your stuff, but struggle... explain your work in ways that are easy to understand and clearly show its value; connect with, and inspire, your team; tell your story to potential customers, clients, and partners.


Our workshops train your team to communicate in ways that stand-out, win trust, and gain credibility. We can show you simple, powerful tools for improving the way you talk to everyone.




We work closely with clients to tailor content and delivery, including specific examples and exercises to help your team workshop its specific challenges.

Supported interaction

You can expect to spend at least 2/3 of the workshop interacting with team members through exercises and discussion. Chris and his team actively support your team's practice and learning.  


The workshop's content is delivered through stories that are entertaining and memorable. Everything is grounded in research and theory. A series of short Ted Talks, basically.


Every workshop is built around clear tools and take-aways, and include custom learning aids to make it easy for participants to practice what they learn. 

Let's work together

Send us a note or, better yet, let's chat for 15-minutes. We'll respond with a one-pager summarizing a proposed workshop that you can take back to your team.