You know your stuff. Tell people—better. 

Our workshops are universally acclaimed, easy-to-understand, fun, and inspiring. You will start getting better right away.  

I thought the workshop content was fabulous and that your skill and enthusiasm in delivering it were incredible. You have a real gift.
— David Brook, Chief Strategy Officer, Grand Challenges Canada
The workshop was fun, informative, and relevant. I only wish we had a full day. People were highly engaged and had a lot of insights to share.
— Vicky Eatrides, Deputy Commissioner of Competition, Competition Bureau of Canada
Excellent. Really dynamic speaker.
— Osler LLP

  1. Get Better at Talking to Everyone

 Or, what you can learn from negotiating with a moving bus.

Our flagship workshop gives you simple, powerful tools for talking to people in ways that stand-out, win trust, and gain credibility. You’ll learn how to think about your audience, help people listen, and make sure they understand.

2. Get Better at Email

Or, why a legendary Wall Street litigator has just two responses for any email.

Email is the most important form of business communication, so it’s a problem if you and your team aren’t good at email. (To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing.) You’ll learn simple, powerful tools for sending emails that are clear, concise, and make it easy for people to provide a useful response.

3. Advanced Topics in Storytelling

Or, how open-heart surgery affects the way people pay attention.

You and your team are good at communicating but want to talk shop with an expert. Learn different ways of explaining (metaphor, analogy, imagery, anecdote), the perfect structure, how people remember, how people pay attention.

The tip to ground messages by relaying consequences to people was a bit of a lightbulb moment.
— Gilbert's LLP


We work closely with clients to tailor content and delivery, including specific examples and exercises to help your team workshop its specific challenges.


You can expect to spend at least 2/3 of the workshop interacting with team members through exercises and discussion. Chris and his team have broad, deep experience in helping people work together.  


The workshop’s content is delivered through stories that are entertaining and memorable. Everything is grounded in research and theory. A series of short Ted Talks, basically.


The only way to change behaviour is to develop new (and better) habits. That’s why our workshops are designed around habit-forming tools that fit into your existing work and life. 

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