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97% of clients use what they learn in their work/life.

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An exceptional workshop on every level. Well beyond my expectations. Offer this workshop again and again.
— Member, Gilda's Club Toronto
Excellent. Really dynamic speaker.
— Osler LLP
I was engaged the whole session and think I took away a lot of valuable information. I left feeling more awake and inspired than when I started, which is the highest compliment I can give for a training seminar.
— Travis Allan, Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP
Chris took the time to understand the needs of the group and engaged very well with the group during the workshop. The workshop was fantastic, with a great balance of skill introduction and practice. There was not one moment in the workshop where anyone glanced at his or her phone. Thank you!
— Ontario Sales Team, Lilly (pharmaceuticals)
I will practice more active communication and now have the tools to help me understand how I might be being heard and how to be more clear and understandable in a delivery.
— Laura Zizzo, Founder and CEO, Zizzo Strategy
Useful to think in channels one does not normally naturally deliberate in.
— Robert Eberschlag, Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP
Working with Chris has helped me develop presentations differently, be mindful of how I send meeting invites/run meetings, and be mindful of thinking about the other person’s perspective rather than my own (in both personal and professional interactions).
— Ashleigh Townley, Knowledge Broker, at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
I will undoubtedly think more, in my personal and professional life, about the person I am talking to. It was a wonderful reminder that no one likes being “talked at”, but it also provided the tools to think more deeply about how exactly to avoid creating that type of situation.
— Celeste Shankland, Refugee and Immigration Lawyer
I think the most powerful message of the workshop was the idea that “it’s not about you” or, in other words, really considering the person that you’re talking to and their needs and experiences. Since taking the workshop, I feel like I’ve been more conscious of that in my conversations, both personally and professionally. Chris is a warm and engaging presenter and created an environment that felt supportive.
— Jane Stewart, Lawyer, Justice for Children and Youth Legal Clinic
I have already been checking myself to see if I am telling a story for my ego or for the listener.
— Nicki Gallo, Therapeutic Clown, SickKids Hospital
I enjoyed having an opportunity to practice the lessons with other participants. I also really liked the [Doorbell—Commercial] technique and have already used and shared the thinking behind it with others.
— Rob Shirkey, Executive Director, Our Horizon
The clear structure helped maintain audience attention. Call-backs during Chris’s own presentation to techniques that he had previously explained (i.e. showing that he himself was using them) were a good, subtle way of demonstrating the effectiveness of the material.
— Matthew Malott, Articling Student, HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
I thought the whole workshop was useful.
— Brendan Brammall, Counsel, Chernos Flaherty Svonkin LLP
The content was easy to grasp. The postcards and slides will help me continue to improve/incorporate these concepts into varying aspects of my life.
— Ashleigh Townley, Knowledge Broker, at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
After taking the workshop, I’m spending much more time, and dedicating much more mental energy, to thinking about the “why” and “how” of communicating, rather than focussing time and energy on the “what”.
— Glenn Betteridge, Staff Lawyer, HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
The Table of Contents exercise is really helping me with writing the book I’m working on. In some ways it’s an obvious approach but there was something about the workshop that really made me have an “aha” moment.
— Rob Shirkey, Executive Director, Our Horizon
I’d recommend people take the workshop so they can spend time with Chris.
— Hessam Ghadaki, Corporate Counsel, Times Group Corp.
I found that both the pace and the quantity of content were ideal, such that it was much easier (as compared to a typical CPD session) to absorb the material and have the time to reflect upon it. I also found that structuring the workshop to have an opportunity to practice concepts immediately after learning them was very helpful in grasping each concept.
— Khalid Janmohamed, Staff Lawyer, HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
The workshop will be useful in my work—definitely. I do a lot of presentations for training purposes and for legal cases. The “doorbell—commercial” tool is super-useful and I can incorporate a lot more story telling as well.
— Jackie Esmonde, Staff Lawyer, Income Security Advocacy Centre
After taking the workshop, I will make my starting point for communication to consider if my message is appropriate for all concerned and addresses different participants’ perspectives.
— Barbara Starr, Founder and Principal, Terra Cotta Clothing Design
Since taking the workshop, I have tried to change the focus of my communications and conversations from “what do I want to say” to “what do I want the other person to understand”, which I think has had positive effects both at work and in my personal life.
— Jane Stewart, Lawyer, Justice for Children and Youth Legal Clinic
Very foundational and relevant to my concerns and preoccupations arising out of my work.
— Glenn Betteridge, Staff Lawyer, HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
There was nothing I did not benefit from during the workshop.
— Barbara Starr, Founder and Principal, Terra Cotta Clothing Design
What I really liked was that we were given actionable tools that will make communications easier and better.
— Arnaud Marthouret, Founder and Principal Photographer, Revelateur Studio