Workshops and interactive keynotes that give people new ideas, change mindsets, and inspire action

Also, super practical.


What are your current programs?

As follows:

  1. Get Better at Talking to Everyone

 What you can learn from negotiating with a moving bus

Our flagship workshop gives you simple, powerful tools for talking to people in ways that stand-out, win trust, and gain credibility. You’ll learn how to make sense of your audience, help people listen, and give people the right level of detail.

2. Get Better at Email

How the Tony Soprano of securities litigation answers email

Email is the most important form of business communication, so it’s a problem if you and your team aren’t good at email. (To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing.) You’ll learn simple, powerful tools for sending emails that are clear, concise, and make it easy for people to provide a useful response.

3. Public Speaking Skills

How to talk in front of people

How to appear confident, make effective use of visual aids, and be amazing at audience interaction. If there’s time, we’ll also talk about how to give examples that let people “see” your vision, and make it easy for people to pay attention.

4. Changing Minds and Building Support

Why no one knows how toilets work

You have good ideas and work hard to make the case for positive change. So it’s frustrating when people say “no” to those ideas or decline to follow your advice—especially without compelling justification.

Why does this happen? What can you do about it?

The answers involve research into how people form and defend opinions. Research that involves, of all things, toilets.

What about…?

Length: between 60-90 minutes, with the option to extend or combine programs into a half- or full-day (like at a retreat or off-site)

Cost: it depends on your organization. We try to meet people where they’re at, financially

Level of interaction: you can expect 1/3 teaching, 1/3 group practice, 1/3 discussion. A common piece of feedback is “Wow, I didn’t think people would be so engaged.”

Group size: usually between 20-50 people, with the largest to-date being 200 people

Take-aways: everything we do is practical. Our content is designed for immediate implementation and you will get custom learning aids to support long-term behaviour change.

How about a bunch more videos?

Will you customize your content for our team?

Of course.

The last person we had was good, but too general. It was really hard to imagine putting into practice what they were teaching. Will you do that?

No. All of the content is grounded in real-life experience and examples. It’s useless to share research and ideas without translating that content into participants’ daily life. (In other words, we practice what we preach.)

How can we work together?

Send us a note or, better yet, let's chat for 15-minutes. We'll respond with a summary of the proposed talk that you can take back to your team.