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Other professionals

Your job involves talking to people that don't know what you know: tech, medicine, engineering, finance, fundraising, design, government, etc.


When you want someone to do it for you. 


TellPeople for lawyers

You know the law...

...but struggle to communicate in ways that clients understand and value;

...but lose the story in legal jargon and technical language;

...but struggle to sell yourself and your firm to potential clients.

TellPeople was created by a lawyer to solve these problems

Our fully-accredited workshops and coaching on storytelling and communicationpublic speaking, and networking, will make you and your team better at talking to everyone.


Talking to clients at Osler LLP

If people can't understand what you're saying, they'll never see your value.

That's why Osler LLP asked TellPeople to make its lawyers better at using language that makes sense to other people—especially, clients. 

In a 90-minute workshop, lawyers learned simple tools for doing three things better: (i) making sense of their audience; (ii) getting that audience to listen; and (iii) helping that audience understand. 

Excellent. Really dynamic speaker.
— Associate, Osler LLP

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Storytelling at Gilbert's LLP

As a firm specializing in complex pharmaceutical patent issues, Gilbert's LLP knows that lawyers struggle to communicate complex, technical language in ways that are simple and compelling. 

That's why Gilbert's asked TellPeople for help with storytelling: how to simplify and engage in one of the most rarefied areas of the law. 

The answer? Tell stories about people.

The tip to ground messages by relaying consequences to people was a bit of a lightbulb moment.
— Associate, Gilbert's LLP

TellPeople for professionals

You know your stuff...

...but struggle to explain your work in language that clients understand and value;

...but struggle to connect with, and inspire, your team;

...but struggle to tell your story to potential clients and stakeholders.

TellPeople can help you solve these problems.

Our workshops and coaching on storytelling and communicationpublic speaking, and networking, will make you and your team better at talking to everyone.


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Medical research at St. Michael's Hospital

Medical researchers struggle to explain their work to grant-makers, the general public—even each other!

TellPeople ran an interactive workshop to help medical researchers at St. Michael's Hospital—one of Canada's leading research and teaching hospitals—talk about their work in language that everyone can understand. 

If people can't understand what you're working on, they won't understand its value. 

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Stakeholder engagement at the Ontario Securities Commission

Teams with different skill sets struggle to interact effectively, and technical experts struggle to engage with the general public. 

To meet these challenges, the Ontario Securities Commission asked TellPeople to help its professional staff improve the way they tailor communication across different audiences. 

TellPeople's interactive workshop helped over 90 OSC staff develop specific tools for interacting with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

It was helpful to understand how others may perceive my messages. I will definitely use these tools in future presentations, conference calls and briefings.
— Staff, Ontario Securities Commission


Storytelling at Camp OOCH

OOCH is a camp for kids with cancer. Each year, a staff of about 40 people manages over 450 volunteers to send over 1,000 kids to camp.

OOCH is pure magic—the sort of place you have to see to believe—and much of the organization's success turns on conveying that magic through clear, compelling stories.  

TellPeople organized a highly interactive workshop for OOCH leadership and staff, helping the whole team bring to life more of the OOCH experience for donors, parents, and volunteers. 

Really engaging from start to finish.
— Staff, Camp OOCH


You know there's a good story...

...but are too close to the details to see the overall narrative;

...but can't tell the difference between useful information and compelling details;

...but don't have time to pull it all together.

TellPeople can do the work (and you can take the credit).

Please reach out directly by email ( or telephone (647-971-6962).