Get better at talking to everyone 

People come to us with all kinds of communication problems. Below is a partial list of stuff with which we’ve helped people:

  • Presentation skills

  • Crafting your keynote address/big presentation

  •   Strategies for communicating with your team

  • Talking about your new business

  • Difficult conversations

How it works

A typical engagement involves sitting with Chris for 1-2 hours to talk through your challenges. You will leave with concrete steps for improving whatever it is you came in to work on. Sometimes we schedule follow-ups, but often not.

Chris is focused on practical solutions that work for your specific circumstances. He will never offer advice that you can’t implement. For example, if you meet with Chris on Wednesday to discuss a presentation you are giving on Friday, and there is no time to revise your slides, Chris will not advise you to fix your slides.*

*We thought that was obvious, until a client told us they had received this kind of advice from someone else. The mind boggles.

More things that won’t happen

Chris will not tell you what you’re doing wrong. He thinks you’re a smart person who’s good at your job. It’s likely you already know how to solve your problem. Chris will help you remember that solution.

Chris will not talk more than you talk. Coaching is a listening game. Get ready to answer more questions than you thought there were to ask about your problem.

Chris will not pretend that you have unlimited time and resources. Not only will Chris be efficient with your time, he will give you advice that reflects the reality of your professional practice. You don’t need a Porsche to drive to the grocery store, as it were.

Can you come to our office, sit in a board room and meet with a dozen people over the course of a day, dispensing personalized advice?


What does a multinational firm think of your practice?

“I think Chris was a great choice. I needed to hear his lessons.”

Very helpful. I would highly recommend.”

“I thought it was really helpful and I would appreciate future events like this.”

“Chris was friendly and easy to talk to, he listened carefully, he delved deeper than I’d expect in a 30 minute session, he provided good takeaways/next steps.”

How can I work with Chris?

Send us a note or, better yet, let's chat for 15-minutes. If it’s a good fit, our schedule is usually flexible.