Help people see your vision  

Being a creative person means taking what's inside your brain and making it visible in the world. There are lots of ways to do this—entrepreneurship, design, consulting, software, politics, art, and so on—but the challenges are always the same: 

  • Get buy-in from decision-makers
  • Coordinate a team to realize your vision
  • Engage with stakeholders to build trust and support
  • Produce something that resonates

The more people can see your vision, the easier it is to build that vision. 


Workshop: Get better at talking to everyone

You have great ideas and are excited to share them with peers and colleagues. You’ve worked hard, prepared, and did your best to share your vision—still, people didn’t understand, disagreed, or listened with eyes on their phone. 

In this workshop, you'll learn how to talk about your ideas using language that makes sense to everyone. Specifically, you'll learn simple tools for doing three things better:

  • Thinking about the audience for your ideas
  • Getting that audience to listen
  • Helping that audience understand

Combining storytelling techniques with brain science and negotiation theory, the tools are simple to learn and easy to practice (because if you can't practice, you won't get better). You'll spend most of the session practicing the tools in scenarios from your life, and in facilitated discussion of that practice. 

Time investment: 60, 75, 90, or 180 minutes (half-day).


Workshop: Talking in front of people

Talking in front of people is difficult for everyone. The anxiety can diminish—over time and with lots of practice—but when you care about your work it never goes away entirely. Not to mention that what makes you a good writer is very different from what makes you a good speaker.

This workshop will make you better at talking in front of people in various contexts. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to hold a room (energy, confidence, presence)
  • What to do with your hands and body
  • How to make good use of visual aids (PowerPoint, etc)
  • The art of audience interaction

The workshop combines storytelling techniques, brain science, design thinking, and lots of video feedback. You'll learn how human brains process information, which helps you engage with any audience. We'll spend most of our time workshopping examples from your current work and life, making it easy for you to start using what you learn immediately. 

Time investment: 60, 75, 90, or 180 minutes (half-day).


Workshop: Networking and impromptu conversations

You need to meet people in order to grow your business and your community. A deep network of professional relationships is critical to a successful, and nourishing, professional life. You knows this, and yet so many people:

  • Are "anxious" or "afraid" of networking events.
  • Find networking "inauthentic", a "waste of time", or a "necessary evil".
  • Would much rather be working (i.e., on the clock). 

In this workshop, you'll learn simple tools for networking in ways that are effective, enjoyable, and lead to productive and supportive professional relationships. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How conversations work
  • How to find common interest and opportunity
  • How to think on your feet
  • Specific strategies for effective networking

The workshop combines communication theory with improvisation techniques (i.e., improv games). You'll learn the basic structure of successful conversations and practice that theory via a series of improv games. You'll also learn specific strategies for successful networking (e.g., good ways to start/end a conversation, setting reasonable expectations, how to follow-up). 

Time investment: 60, 75, 90 or 180 minutes (half-day). 


Start getting better

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