Get TellPeople on your team (almost) 

We draw upon our experience and expansive research interest to help organizations solve problems and access opportunities.

For example:

  • Design and support for internal training (i.e., making your in-house team even better with strategic advice on program design, content, and delivery)

  • Internal/external communication strategy (i.e., talking about important stuff when understanding matters)

  • What is your organization’s story, and how can you tell it—better?


How does it work?

We do not take on open-ended engagements. Instead, we focus on clearly defined, pragmatic, and efficient engagements. (If we aren’t sure we can do it, we won’t say ‘yes’.)

After an initial meeting to understand your needs, we’ll send you a detailed proposal, work plan, and budget. You can ask us questions any time.

Once the proposal is agreed, we’ll get to work.