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Interaction design

In any encounter, the only things you can control are what you say and how you respond. So how do you do that?

- What if your client's CEO gets on the elevator with you during a sales visit?

- How do you connect with the right people at networking events and conferences? 

- How can you get more value from sales calls, client meetings, and brand activations?

TellPeople has a process for thinking about human interactions, identifying desired outcomes, and incentivizing behaviour to produce those outcomes.

Decades of social science research point to a simple truth: You won’t get managers on board by blaming and shaming them with rules and reeducation.

The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two, and a number of studies suggest that it can activate bias or spark a backlash
— Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev, Harvard Business Review

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Inclusion Design

People on your team have good ideas, but how do you make sure they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and experience?

The answer is by creating a workplace where people express themselves clearly to colleagues that know how to listen to ideas and experience different from their own.

TellPeople can train your people to be inclusive communicators, and design processes that support your team until "inclusive communicators" becomes, just, "communicators". 



Telling Your Story

We help people prepare for pitches, keynote speeches, presentations—or just get better at talking to people: clients, colleagues, staff.

(We have a special deal for startups.)

No one knows as much about you as, well, you, and that makes it difficult to know what to say when called upon to share your story. 

We'll make sure you give your best.