Get help from smart people. 

We help individuals and organizations tell better stories and design effective communications.  

I am truly amazed. I’d always thought some people had the communication “gene” and some didn’t. Working with you, I see how the pros build the muscle and meticulously build stories and meaning for the audience. Excited to take my story into the world!
— Executive client
After our session I felt SUPER CONFIDENT speaking on behalf of my firm. I also shared your insights with the rest of my team and EVERYONE GOT SO MUCH BETTER.
— Chief Operating Officer

Working with Individuals

 Chris works one-on-one with all kinds of professionals to improve their communication and storytelling. Engagements include:

(i) Figuring out the story: what are the key take-aways and how do I communicate those to different audiences?

(ii) Talking to your team: how do I get people to respond positively to my ideas?

(iii) Public profiles: I’m leading a panel discussion in front of 250 people—how can it go well?

Working with Organizations

We help organizations design and activate interactions between and amongst people. Engagements include:

(i) Lighting-up the room: activating workshops and plenary sessions at conferences, national sales meetings, etc

(ii) Communication design: designing and producing content for internal communication platforms