Chris Graham, Founder

Chris has been a professional for over a decade.

He's twice been a lawyer: in New York, representing very large banks; and then in Toronto, representing Aboriginal governments across Canada. (You'd be surprised by the overlap in these two practices. Just ask.)  

He's the producer of AMAZING NEW STUFF, a performance series featuring outrageous literary and musical talents in small venues. He's also an investor in Artery, a platform for making every space a stage.

His writing has appeared in publications in Canada and the USA, he edits a legal encyclopedia, and he regularly tells stories on stages. (He's currently working on a one-person storytelling show called A Child Pets a Kitten with a Hammer, about emotional resiliency in terminal cancer care situations.)

He's also been in school a lot, holding degrees from the University of Oxford (history and politics), University of Toronto (law), and Acadia University (business).

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