Storytelling and communication

You work hard, prepare, and do your best to share your vision. Still, people don't understand, disagree, or listen with eyes on their phone.

There is a better way.

Wherever you need to connect with people—pitching new business, meeting with important people, talking about your organization's history and success, making the case for your client—TellPeople will make you better




Chris Graham, Founder and Principal

Chris has been a professional for over a decade.

He's twice been a lawyer: in New York, representing very large banks; and then in Toronto, representing Aboriginal governments across Canada. (You'd be surprised by the overlap in these two practices. Just ask.)  

He's the producer of AMAZING NEW STUFF, a performance series featuring outrageous literary and musical talents in small venues. He's also an investor in Artery, a platform for making every space a stage.

His writing has appeared in publications in Canada and the USA, he edits a legal encyclopedia, and he regularly tells stories on stages. (He's currently working on a one-person storytelling show called A Child Pets a Kitten with a Hammer, about emotional resiliency in terminal cancer care situations.)

He's also been in school a lot, holding degrees from the University of Oxford(history and politics), University of Toronto (law), and Acadia University(business).



How, specifically, you will get better

Customized. TellPeople works with specific scenarios from your work and life. One-size-fits-all training only works if you're the same as other people. Are you?

No lectures. You don't learn by listening. You learn by practicing and then talking about that practice. So, that's how we'll spend over 75% of our time together. 

Uncomplicated. Small changes to the way you already engage with people, and easy ways to practice those changes all the time.