You know your stuff. Tell people—better.

Here are three things you do every day, regardless of what you do in the world: 

  • Think about the audience for your ideas
  • Get that audience to listen to your ideas
  • Help that audience understand your ideas

If you're reading this, you probably feel like doing these things better would make your life better.

You're right.


Here is how you get better.


Simple, practical, intuitive.

TellPeople's tools are simple to learn and easy to practice.

That last part is critical: if you can't practice, you won't get better. It's not enough that our tools are based on research in negotiation theory, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and literary theory. The tools also have to be easy to use in your day-to-day life. 

So, those are the tools that we built: 97% of our clients use what they learned right away. You can read some of their feedback here.


How is TellPeople different?

Custom-designed. TellPeople works with specific scenarios from your work and life. One-size-fits-all training is more profitable than effective. TellPeople is effective. 

No lectures. You don't learn by listening. You learn by practicing and then talking about that practice. So, that's how we'll spend over 75% of our time together. 

Uncomplicated. Small changes to the way you already engage with people, and an easy way to practice those changes all the time. Real change requires nothing more. (And besides, you're busy.)

Really, actually useful. Re-read that previous stat: 97% of our clients use what they learned right away